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Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for being a key part of the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance! To help get the word out about this exciting initiative, we've put together some sample tweets and Facebook/Instagram posts below. For those that have social media accounts, we'd love your help spreading the news about the alliance. Whenever possible please use the hashtag #10BillionOysters—our social posts will have even greater impact when we're rallying around a single hashtag. We're also including some imagery and graphics that we encourage you to use in your posts. Please feel free to contact Tanner Council with any questions.





Share: Sample Posts

  • The #Chesapeake Oyster Alliance's goal is to add #10BillionOysters to the #ChesBay by 2025. Find out why oysters are crucial to helping #SavetheBay:

  • Restoration of the #ChesBay could be the most dramatic example of environmental recovery ever seen. With a goal of adding #10BillionOysters in the Bay, the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance will play a key role in restoring this national treasure.

  • With more than 80 partner groups, [your organization's name here] has joined the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance to add #10BillionOysters in the #ChesBay. Find out more:

  • Oysters could once filter a volume of water equal to the entire Bay in a week. But with their dwindled numbers, today it would take more than a year. To accelerate the return of a healthy Chesapeake oyster population, [your organization's name here] and more than 30 partner organizations launched the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance! We plan on adding #10BillionOysters to the Chesapeake Bay by 2025. Find out more: